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Our 1st Deep Dish Pizza 🍕

While staying at home my family and I have become more creative and willing to try new things. We had a craving for pizza ,but as you can imagine Dominos was closed.  We decided to make our very on pizzeria in our kitchen.  We do like a challenge so we decided to make a Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. Quintin and I aren’t new to the deep dish ,but defiantly new to making one.  We pretty much had all the ingredients in our pantry and after a few videos we were ready to give it a go.  Check out our easy 30 min 1st time pizza maker friendly recipe below, and Feel free to modify to your liking. 


2 Packs of Pizza Dough

tomato sauce of your choice & or diced tomatoes 

1 cup of Chopped Bacon 

1lb Italian sausage

2tbsp olive oil

Round spring form cake pan

lots of moterella chease 


+Heat the oven to 445°F or higher

+We use pre-made pizza dough follow directions on dough pack 

+ Season Dice Bacon and cook until crispy or to your liking 

+ Season & Cook Italian sausage

+ Season & Cook tomato Sauce 

+Roll out the dough over entire pan 

+Layer cheese , bacon , Italian sausage, sauce ,and more cheese

+bake for 10mins

+Slice, serve, +Enjoy  😋

Download FREE Recipe Below

Download Here

The Results

Watch the video Here

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