Low Budget Big Project

Project Guest Bathroom

We have a House ! Im so excited this is  something that I’ve wanted for a very long time, But not just for me but for my entire family . If you watched my beauty channel then you know Xais story. Xai has officially been with us for 1 full year and I really want this home to bring us all closer together as family . 

Now our home is defiantly not a new build , its more a fixer upper and it comes with a ton of projects.  And we plan to tackle all of them one project at time. We decided our 1st project would be Xais bathroom. By the photos below you definitely can say its NASTY! This is how the bathroom has been since we moved in , we have never used it . Since living here we all have been sharing one bathroom until this project is completed and my husband I would like to have our bathroom back soon. So let the project begin!

Want more of a visual??? Check this video out ▾ ▾ ▾

Want more of a visual? Check out our latest video

Items Used in The Video

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