New House Who Dis 🏡

So the cat is finally out of the bag, WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! We couldn’t be more excited or feel more blessed. I can’t wait to post all the updates, DIYs, and decor we’re going to do to the house.

This home has so much meaning for my husband and me, it’s our dream home. My husband and I have been looking to purchase a home together for some time now and if you’ve been following me for a while then you know I can be very particular. We found the perfect home a few years ago, but life happened and we weren’t able to purchase it. My husband is an independent insurance adjuster and just received a new assignment out of state and my bonus mom, the woman who raised me just passed away. Needless to say, the timing wasn’t right. Fast forward to 2020 with covid, 2022 with monkeypox and high-interest rates, we decided to just take the leap. And as you can imagine my particulars were not so particular anymore. We just wanted the basics, A good school district, a walkable neighborhood, an open concept kitchen & living, 3-4 beds, with min 2 baths, and the splurge for us was the primary bedroom must have a separate soaking tub. We went back to the neighborhood where we had wanted to purchase, but they were no longer making the floor plan we wanted and thanks to the housing market the base price was over our budget. We were back on the hunt and even made a few offers. But all of our offers were outbid by developers who could close faster than we were able to. Then one day my husband just so happened to find a house that looked very familiar. It was that very same house we wanted in the beginning. It was only on the market for less than a day. We called our agent and made an offer that very same day. And after three days of agony, they finally accepted our offer.

My favorite part of this entire process was seeing my son’s face when he saw it for the 1st time. Seeing how excited he was about his future school and all the new friends he couldn’t wait to make. This is the home we dreamed of, prayed for, and couldn’t stop thinking about. Our 1st home was our baby and we learned a lot of lessons from it, but this one was a dream come true. We’ve only been here for technically two weeks and taking it slow and I can’t wait to show you what’s to come.

No gatekeeping over Here! Links to items shown in the video

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