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New Beginnings 2021 | Say Yes to the Dress πŸ‘°πŸΎ

Happy new year, welcome to 2021! I’m sure like most of you 2020 wasn’t such a great year. However, I am grateful that I was able to end the year off with a bang by being a part of my sister’s wedding. Throughout the year 2020, I could not find the inspiration to create or post. Nor did I personally feel like it was appropriate, which was interesting because I just started a lifestyle blog at the beginning of 2020 and there’s only so much lifestyle you can show in your home while being stuck in quarantine. But towards the end of the year, I reached out to my sister and learned she and her longtime boyfriend have decided to get married and are closing on a brand new home. And of course, I could not stay away. Normally if there were not a pandemic this whole wedding planning process would go a whole lot differently. But we were ready to accept the challenge. The venue, the food, and the decorations were all in place, then the only thing remaining was the dress. I set up an appointment at our local bridal shop and we met up on one Saturday afternoon and tried on over a dozen dresses. In this video, we did narrow it down to six dresses. Try to guess which one she chose. Here’s a hint, I picked it πŸ˜‰.


Did you guess the right one ? Do you love the dress as much as we do? I love the style of the dress it gave me Great Gatsby vibes .

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